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WisRed PAC
    Dedicated to Winning Local Races

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Our Movement

Protecting Local Government

WisRedPAC is an organization committed to providing the resources to support conservative candidates in local elections throughout Waukesha County, Wisconsin and beyond.  For too long, liberals have encroached on boards at the local level,  attempting to transform and control  our communities and displace our traditional conservative American values.

This Cannot Stand!!

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Well, we did it. With our courageous Waukesha County candidates and the WisRed PAC's backing, we WON BIG! With a historic 87% win rate in the spring 2022 election.

Our Team

Calling all Patriots

The pathway to regaining/saving our country begins at the local level.  Join our movement to ensure local conservatives WIN! We are in a battle against those who wish to change our history, culture and American way of life.

Join us!

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Our Team



“For true patriots to be silent, is dangerous.”

                            Samuel Adams

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Liberty Starts Locally

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Thanks For Joining the Cause!

Andy Bath, Director

Waukesha, WI, USA


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